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Message Media Ed News: Teen Leadership; Lunch & Learns; Jay-Z Feels Bad; Oscar Grant; X-Clan & more!

Greetings Family!

As we begin to close out 2010 and launch 2011, I'd like to say this: We exist to empower… to nurture, challenge, motivate and inspire. We are here most of all to ignite the beauty and brilliance within African American youth, and to provide a supportive community of growth and transformation. The overarching principle guiding our work stems from a contemporary interpretation of the West African concept of Sankofa (also symbolized as the Sankofa Bird in our logo): To cultivate knowledge of self and our past, in order to skillfully advance, and diversify our future. Therefore, our mission is to produce African American leadership for the Digital Age: culturally conscious role models and meaningful participants in the digital landscape. 

We are "uber" proud to serve you. :)  Please share our work and mission!

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If you are a parent/guardian/relative/mentor of an African American teen, this is the perfect leadership workshop to bring them to!  How often do you get a chance to spend quality, creative and fun time with your teen, AND...

Learn to enhance communication with your teen! 
Learn dropout prevention techniques!
Identify career goals with your teen! 
Learn what challenges your teen experiences daily and how to overcome them! 
Learn how and what influence media advertising has on your teen's self-perspective and ways to change it for the better!
Build a support network for your teen!

In Los Angeles, 52% of African American youth dropout of high school annually. Let's solidify their support system today!

DIVERSITY LEADERS BOOT CAMP is a 4-hour teen leadership workshop that combines the African American experience with media education and leadership development activities, as professional development tools. Upon completion, youth share their manifestos on video: a statement of their vision for the African American community and the role they will play in achieving that vision.

"FINALLY, a teen leadership workshop especially for African American parents and their teens. We need this. This is an essential component of rites of passage for African American youth."-- Parent participant

The next Diversity Leaders Boot Camp is Saturday, November 13th, 9:30am-1:30pm @ Vegan Village Cafe. It is facilitated by Shani Byard-Ngunjiri, and the team at Message Media Ed. Seating is limited. There are only 5 slots left. Register today here or call 323-708-2526 or download the attached flyer and registration packet and mail in your registration by WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH.


***Message Media Ed LUNCH & LEARNS - 2011***

Attention Community Collaborators and Partners!

Message Media Ed is currently developing our calendar of workshops, events, outings, etc., for 2011!  As part of our outreach events, we will be hosting,Lunch & Learns - A time for us to provide lunch to community members interested in us and for community members to learn more about our programs and mission!  As you may know, we are a traveling professional development organization and we function collaboratively within our community.

Therefore, we would like to partner with you... our fellow community organizations, schools, small businesses, and higher education institutions, to host these events. We would like to occupy your space for a couple of hours during the day, promote your work, and spend the rest of the time sharing about our programs, mission, needs, and recruit potential team members, volunteers and program participants. If you would like to support us in this endeavor by loaning your space to us, simply reply to this email and we'll begin coordinating with you!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to collaborating in 2011!

In service,


*** Rapper, Jay-Z Feels Bad About Lyrics & We Prepare Teens to Critically Analyze Lyrics and Images from Rappers Like Jay-Z***

Question: How do we get youth to understand most rappers eventually grow up and realize how damaging their lyrics can be?

Answer: Media Literacy.

Question: And what's the appropriate way to get African American youth to understand most rappers eventually grow up and realize how damaging their lyrics can be?

Answer: African Centered/Media Literacy.

Question: And where can you go to experience African Centered/Media Literacy?

Answer: Diversity Leaders Boot Camp, with the team @ Message Media Ed. This is one prominent component of this transformative teen leadership boot camp.  Let's prepare our youth appropriately for African American Leadership in the Digital Age. Join us here

Oh yes, and read the article about Jay-Z here: "Jay-Z Feels Bad for Past Lady Dissing"


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Random Nuts & Bolts of a Doctoral Degree - Research 

Many of you may not know, but in addition to running Message Media Ed, I am also pursuing a Doctorate in Education from Loyola Marymount University and will graduate (God willing), May 2011!

As I begin the last year of my doctorate, I'd like to share with you my thoughts, reflections, challenges, scholarship, ideas, rants, etc., I have and have had as I earn this degree. Many of the reasons and passions behind the development of The Digital Elder Project, Rise Above the Noise, Diversity Leaders and other programs from Message Media Ed, have been explored throughout this educational journey as well. This last leg will be a ruthless one... I need your support :) Join me in counting down to becoming, DR. Shani Byard-Ngunjiri, Ed.D!...
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Shani Byard-Ngunjiri (SBN)


That's right we will come to you AND provide a computer to practice on if you don't have one. Including: basic computer operation, social media, email, Microsoft Office, website building and much more... Serving youth, adults and seniors throughout South LA!  Sessions start at $20/hr... Yup! That's all! For more info, visit the PROGRAMS section of our website at to download the flyer.



>> Friday, November 5 · 8:00am - Until, LA County Court, 210 W Temple St @ Broadway, Los Angeles. Los Angeles Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant: Judge Perry will sentence Mehserle for the murder of Oscar Grant. Come out and demand that he get the MAXIMUM SENTENCE (14 years for Inv. Manslaughter including the gun enhancement charge). More info here

>>  Check out one of Message Media Ed's Board Members, Brother J of X Clan, as he graces the stage at the One Nation Hip Hop Summit! The Third Annual One Nation Hip-Hop Summit is an all-day conference and concert taking place on the campus of Santa Monica High School (SAMOHI) in Santa Monica, Calif., on Nov. 6, 2010. The event is presented by the Pico Youth & Family Center (PYFC), Alternative Intervention Models, Guerilla Union and the Temple of Hip Hop. To get involved or for more information, call (310) 396-7101 or email On the web at www.onenationhiphop.orgor Visit PYFC on the web at