Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drum Roll please... Announcing our Digital Lyricist Contest Finalists!!!

Congratulations to all of our applicants! This was a hard decision because all of the submissions were excellent...

Announcing the Digital Lyricist Contest Finalists:

Demontae Thompson, age 18 (Cal State Northridge)
"I dose off with one thing on my mind/the reconstruction of South LA/ I envisioned a more dynamic place/Where tear drops on a gangster's face are not from killing someone/But from mentoring those who can uplift his race."

Krys Bragg, age 18 (Mount San Antonio College)
"I wish that dreams could filter their way back into the acoustic screams that haunt us/Plant reasons to live again/Reincarnating a city that was made for greatness/But killed prematurely/Because dreams aren't so conscious"

Kylie Cole, age 13 (Accelerated School)
"They toss me the 'N' word/I clench it in my hand/Because nothing can compare to being a slave for the white man/We broke the chains and became free/One of the greatest achievements in Black history"

Montel Givens, age 13 (F.A.M.L.I. After-School Program @ Audubon Middle School)
"If speaking the truth will get you shot in the head/ I guess I better shush up because no one will hear me if I'm dead. Of course I'm talking about King. Even beyond the grave, I bet he still believes."

All applicants are invited to attend the final performance, Sankofa Digi-Family Day on Sunday, February 27th, 3-6pm at Earlez Grille, and will receive a special gift from us! 

Finalists will perform on that day and we will select 2 winners! Both winners will receive a laptop and a scholarship to our Diversity Leaders 6-day Spring Retreat in April! 

We are so proud and excited to celebrate with everyone! 
Join us on the 27th for Sankofa Digi-Family Day


JZ said...

Inspirational. A great way to engage young people in the importance and power of ideas and words. Great work, Shani, et al.


Sekou Andrews said...

I wish I could have entered! I want to rock a show with Brotha J! LOL Congrats to all the finalists. Write on!

MsgMediaEd said...

Thank you JZ! The process of now actualizing those ideas and words have only just begun! :) @Sekou: You know we'd love to have you! Brother J would love that :) Come on down!

James said...

Shani and Staff,
Please keep up the great work that you are doing, for our community. I will be joining your efforts, as much and as soon as possible. Peace.

James Berry

Anonymous said...

The perfect cultural outlet to celebrate South LA talent and our youth. Big ups Shani.

MsgMediaEd said...

Thanks James and Keisa! It takes a village and we hope to see you both very soon!