Friday, February 4, 2011

Buy Professional for our Black History Month Fundraiser & Support Black Leadership for the Digital Age!


Message Media Ed            
Mini-Executive Notebook!

For only $20...

This notebook makes you professional & organized at your biz meetings, school or just when you are jotting down your brilliant thoughts...

And you are supporting our cause to produce Black leadership for the Digital Age!!

(Size 8.75" x 6.5")

About us and our logo:
Message Media Ed provides traveling professional development workshops, for youth, adults and seniors, designed to close digital, socioeconomic, cultural and academic divides in the African American community.  The overarching principle guiding our work stems from a contemporary interpretation of the West African concept of Sankofa (also symbolized as the Sankofa Bird in our logo): To cultivate knowledge of self and our past, in order to skillfully advance, and diversify our future.  Therefore, we target potential participants for our workshops who are from predominantly African American communities, whose ancestors were displaced from Africa and brought to America through the transatlantic slave trade, and have been historically marginalized; socioeconomically disadvantaged; and harshly media stereotyped.  We reconnect participants to African principles, language and heritage, and empower them to use human and technological resources to counter and thrive in a media saturated, predominantly Euro-American society and educational system.

Our mission is to produce African American leadership for the Digital Age: culturally conscious role models and meaningful participants in the digital landscape. We do this by providing supportive, creative learning environments for cultural healing, leadership development, and skill building in critical media literacy, social media and information technology.

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