Monday, December 20, 2010

Countering Negative Media Stereotypes of Black Love...

Greetings Family!

Part of our responsibility as Black leaders in the Digital Age is to utilize the same media tools that have negatively stereotyped us since the slave trade, as tools of empowerment in the Digital Age. Join the cyber movement to counter negative media stereotypes of Black love, families, relationships and communities, with Message Media Ed!

"LIKE" the Black Family Love Movement here and participate, meaningfully, in the digital landscape :)

Also, don't forget to share our DIGITAL LYRICIST - Black History Month Contest with the young & talented in your life. Winter break is the perfect time to write :)))  Applicants may win a laptop, full scholarship to our leadership retreat and the opportunity to be coached and judged by the legendary, Brother J of X-Clan!  

Contest details and applications are available here 

The mission of Message Media Ed is to produce Black leadership for the Digital Age: culturally conscious role models & meaningful participants in the digital landscape...

Have a wonderful holiday! 

In service,



Anonymous said...

I'm on it 100%!

Ebony Love and Marriage said...

So am I! You can find positive portrayals of black love and marriage, healthy relationships between real black women and black men on my channel,