Thursday, March 19, 2009


Message Media Ed presents...

RISE ABOVE THE NOISE: Your Health & Global Warming
A Sunday Family Film Screening & Discussion Series

SUNDAY, APRIL 26TH, 3:30-6:00PM
$5 Donation - Ages 14 & Up - Refreshments Served - Raffle & Prizes as always :)

Location: Private (please call for location info and to reserve your seat @ 323-708-2526)

YOUR HEALTH & GLOBAL WARMING - We will screen portions of the film, "Eating", and use it to guide an interactive discussion about resolving the critical health issues within the African American community, while simultaneously healing Mother Earth.

"EATING" - Every sixty seconds, an American dies from a Heart Attack or massive Stroke. Every 30 seconds another American is diagnosed with Heart Disease. The United States leads the world in disease. We are the sickest, fattest and most medicated nation on the planet. There are 4.5 million obese teens in America. "Eating" will educate and inspire you to take charge of your health and to make healthier food choices and learn other environmental effects of our food supply chain.

**Donations support the ongoing development and implementation of Message Media Ed.’s mission to enable youth and families of African descent to become multi-media literate, knowledgeable of their heritage and contemporary culture, and to develop the skill-sets needed to excel academically, socially and economically.

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