Monday, March 14, 2011

Message Media Ed presents... REAL TALK

Scholars call it critical discourse, the youth of today call it Real Talk. This video highlights recent discussions and media messages produced during, The Digital Elder Project, Diversity Leaders, and Sankofa Digi-Family Day. Message Media Ed is an African/African American Centered organization, dedicated to closing the digital divide and increasing innovation and leadership in the Black community. Our mission is to produce Black leadership for the Digital Age: Culturally Conscious Role Models and Meaningful Participants in the Digital Landscape. In order for our mission to be realized, we engage in REAL TALK, to heal, teach each other, and identify essential issues that need to be addressed and transformed, both digitally and in the real world, as a skilled, united community. For more info and a complete calendar of our upcoming workshops and events, please visit - Join us!

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