Friday, March 30, 2012

How BLACKNESS Can Transform Race

**For our Black Brothers and Sisters...

Message Media Ed presents...
**If you identify as Black, African American or of African descent, join us to learn & share how Blackness can transform race relations in our media saturated society

For YOUTH, ADULTS & SENIORS (ages 13 & up)
**Public/Private Schools: Please send educators, counselors and student leadership
Saturday, April 28, 3-7:30pm
@Message Media Ed 
(4923 W. Adams Blvd. LA 90016)

Facilitated by, Shani Byard, Ed.D.
Consultant, Educational Leadership for Racial Justice

Take advantage of a safe, progressive and intellectual space to talk about race through a historical, cultural and media literacy-based lens.

Learn the tools needed to change the perception of Black people in the Digital Age!

$30 investment
(includes: refreshments, materials & follow-up focus group)
Seating is limited. Pre-Registration Required.
Registration deadline: Wed 4/25/12

Pre-reading assigned once registered. 
For more info on Message Media Ed visit our website, email or call 323-708-2526.

Rise Above the Noise is one of the most timely and contemporary professional development opportunities regarding race relations today! 
Our country's health depends on your participation and awareness. 

One of the unique and valuable pieces of this training is that is essentially 'race-specific'. This creates a safe and supportive space for people from similar racial backgrounds to explore tough issues related to race, racism, white privilege and the influence of negative media stereotypes, without offending someone from another racial or ethnic background. 

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