Saturday, June 18, 2011

Digital Elders are JUMPING Across the Digital Divide!

When you participate in our most popular program, The Digital Elder Project - 2-day Empowerment Retreat, you not only have the opportunity to become more culturally aware, build skills in computer operation, social media and internet navigation, make new friends, and grow as a community, but you also engage in digital storytelling! All Digital Elder graduates create a video podcast designed to educate, inspire and/or empower the African American community in some way.

Please enjoy a recent video podcast, "Jumping Across the Digital Divide"...

Although The Digital Elder Project is primarily designed for seniors and adults, strengthening intergenerational communication is a key outcome of this program. Therefore, youth are invited to participate as well! 

Please join us for the next...

Digital Elder Project - 2-day Empowerment Retreat!
Saturday and Sunday, August 27th & 28th 
@ our new home... Message Media Ed - School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age
4923 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90016 (just east of La Brea Blvd.)

EmPower Online and in the African American Community
Ages 13-100 welcome!

All information regarding registration is here! If you would like to register through the mail, please email to receive a registration packet. The deadline for Early Bird registration is Friday, August 5, 2011!

Want more info on becoming a Digital Elder? Please check out our programs at Message Media Ed

The Digital Elder Project is funded in part by the California Consumer Protection Foundation.

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