Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank You Harvard Westlake!

Thank you Harvard Westlake for donating 70 computers (laptops & desktops) to Message Media Ed's - School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age! 

The contribution of Harvard Westlake School has and will continue to support Message Media Ed's efforts in distributing used computers to the community of South Los Angeles, and to supporters and participants in Message Media Ed's programs and services. Practicing the Kwanzaa principle, Ujamaa, meaning cooperative economics, computers have and will be distributed via membership drives, raffle prizes, contest & program participation incentives, and other on-going fundraisers and program outreach efforts for Message Media Ed.

Pictured below are 5 of the first 15 members to join Message Media Ed and who participated in the our very first membership drive!

Thank you for helping to provide the tools needed to achieve our vision of closing the digital divide and increasing leadership and innovation in the African American community of South Los Angeles! http://MessageMediaEd.org

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