Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Message of Thanks & Highlights from the Grand Opening of Message Media Ed!

Thank you so much! Asante Sana!
We appreciate all of you who were able to join us on September 17, 2011, for our celebration, either physically or spiritually!  
We still feel your energy, love and see your excitement for what we have to offer the community and education as a whole. We are answering the call to build better learning environments for African American youth and we are dedicated to cultivating social, cultural and technical capital for the African American community as a whole. 
We look forward to seeing you again at an upcoming training and event!  We also look forward to you using our center to study, research, chat, meet and think!  Special thanks to our board, team, event sponsors, vendors, guest artists, keynote speaker, honorees, friends, and family for making our grand opening a meaningful success!  
"INNOVATION - the gift of African people to humanity, as the originators of mankind, arts, sciences, spirituality, culture - is innate in all African Americans, and if repression is sustained, evolution of humankind will continue to be stunted. ADVANCE" - Dr. Shani
Please make sure to peruse our event calendar and programs at http://MessageMediaEd.org and become a member at http://www.messagemediaed.org/#!membership
Please follow our keynote speaker, Carmen Dixon Rosenzweig on Twitter @AllAboutRace
Please visit the work of our very first Black Leadership in the Digital Age award recipient, Sekou Andrews, athttp://TheSekouEffect.com and http://BlindFaithRecords.com
Lastly, call us at 323-708-2526 to schedule your Message Media Ed orientation!  
We love you all! Much respect and see you soon! 
-> The Goofy Team at Message Media Ed lol

Grand Opening Highlights:
Lady Walquer & Najite Agindotan led our participants in a Ceremonial Blessing of the new building of Message Media Ed!

LA County Supervisor, Mark Ridley-Thomas stopped by to wish us much success! 

Our Keynote Speaker, Mrs. Carmen Dixon Rosenweig, led the charge for the Black community to increase meaningful participation in the digital landscape. "I encourage each of you to use the tools of technology to make your lives and the lives of others around you better," says Carmen. "The news for today, is that wise or not, here in the 21st Century, leaders and the rest of us have access to more information in less time, than in any other time in the history of mankind. Think about that for a moment... So if you know how to work this tool, this tool called technology, you can figure out how to do anything and everything else, and I do mean anything."

The infamous Sekou Andrews received the Black Leadership in the Digital Age Award and performed for all attendees!!! 

Our honorees Mrs. Vivian Atmore received the Digital Elder Social Media Maker Award and Ms. Lisa Berry received the Diversity Leaders Media Literacy Award, presented by Dr. Shani and her mother, fellow Digital Elder Grad, Judith Byard!

A candid shot of Founder/Executive Director of Message Media Ed, Dr. Shani, with Message Media Ed's fiscal sponsor, Executive Director of the Village Health Foundation, Jewel Thais-Williams, and Founding Board Member of Message Media Ed, Brother J of X Clan!

It was a beautiful festival and program! Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Your vision is shinging through. You are a trailblazer for education and knowledge among our people. Continued success.

Message Media Ed. said...

Thank you very much! We appreciate you taking the time to comment too :) We need to hear from folks! lol Many blessings to you.